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How To Style Your Cashmere Scarf This Winter

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With winter comes the need for a major wardrobe change that involves bulky clothing items and thicker fabrics. The restriction brings often makes it the least favorite time of the year for fashion lovers. Luckily, the scarf is one winter accessory that can keep you warm while adding class to your look!

Cashmere scarfs are very versatile winter accessories. Unlike other accessories like gloves, head warmers, and socks, scarfs can be tucked in, draped, tied, knotted and even belted. For more tips on how to stylishly don your cashmere scarf this winter, keep reading below!

1. The Once Around

The ‘Once Around’ is one of the simplest yet most fashionable ways of styling your cashmere scarf, especially in winter. To create this style;

  • Drape the scarf evenly around your neck,
  • Take the right end and throw it over your left shoulder and then throw the left end over your right shoulder. For a reverse drape, you can leave the scarf this way.
  • For the once around, however, take both ends and bring them around to dangle at your chest. 
  • Once you are done, fluff it up to keep it full.

The Once Around is a lovely scarf style for jackets and coats.   

2. Hoxton Knot

While the Hoxton Knot might not be the simplest scarf style, it’s definitely worth the extra effort. Asides being super classy, it also keeps your neck very warm and snug. To make a Hoxton Knot;

  • Start by folding your cashmere scarf into a perfect half,
  • Drape the folded scarf over your neck and take the side with both ends and put it through the looped side.
  • Pull it through the loop until it’s firm enough but not too tight. 

Voila! You have yourself a Hoxton Knot. Hoxton Knots are perfect for work and other formal events.

3. Fake Knot

The Fake Knot is another easy and appealing scarf style. To make a Fake Knot;

  • Take about a quarter length of your scarf and tie it in a loose knot,
  • Then drape the scarf around your neck and wrap the free end around your neck.
  • Pull the free end through the knot and adjust it until it’s even.

The Fake Knot works perfectly for every occasion!

4. Belted Drape

The belted drape is a scarf style that involves not just the scarf, but also a belt. And a thin belt is often the best choice for this style. To style your scarf this way;

  • Drape your scarf at equal lengths over your shoulder.
  • Fluff it up to your satisfaction and use a skinny belt to fasten it at your waist. 

The belted drape is best worn over a dress and is also suitable for various occasions.

5. The Drape

For days when you are in a hurry and don’t have the time for complex scarf styles, you can simply drape it over your shoulders! If the scarf is elegant like this Buchanan Modern Cashmere Scarf, simply drape it over your shoulders at an equal length and fluff it. You can choose to drape it over your coat or under your coat where only hints of it will be seen. 
Cashmere scarfs are easier to style when they are of perfect length and width. For amazing cashmere scarfs this winter, visit Edinburgh Cashmere today! 

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