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How To Pull Off A Lambswool/Cashmere Cape

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While it’s one thing to fall in love with a new fashion piece, it’s an entirely different thing to know how to style it. Lambswool and Cashmere are two fabrics that are very much in vogue. And apart from the fact that they are light, warm, durable and comfortable to be in, they also add a touch of elegance to any outfit. Lambswool/Cashmere capes can either compliment an outfit or take center attention! 

There are different ways to style a Lambswool/cashmere cape and just so you don’t take it overboard, we’ve made a list to guide you on how to pull it off effortlessly. 

  1. It’s Perfect With A Turtle Neck

Thanks to the neckline of most Lambswool/cashmere capes, they go perfectly well with turtle neck long sleeve. With the sleeve and neck showing within the cape, you have yourself a totally unique and chic way to pull off your cape! 

This Bruce Purple-Grey Cashmere Mini Cape makes a perfect fit with a white turtle neck long sleeve, blue or black skinny jeans, and black heels. Also, you can pair a bright colored turtle neck blouse with this Black Watch Cashmere Cape and a black pencil skirt for an elegant look!   

2. Give Your Mini Dress A New Look!

Remember when we said you can rock lambswool/cashmere capes with almost anything? Well, we weren’t kidding! You can totally look good in any mini dress of your choice (fitting or not) with a lambswool/cashmere cape. In a situation like this, you wouldn’t want your cape and your pretty little dress to clash in color so we have the perfect solution. This can go two ways; you can wear a black mini dress with this DC Milan Blue Check Lambswool Cape or a bright mini dress with this Black Lambswool Cape. With this outfit idea, you can go for a date or girls night out feeling warm and stylish.

3. All Black? No Problem!

The popular saying that “you can never go wrong with black” applies here too! There are so many nice and colorful prints for lambswool/cashmere capes which is why pairing them up with black can never go wrong. 

This Buchanan Antique Lambswool Cape, for instance, can go well with a black blouse, a black pair of jeans, and black loafers or heels. With this look, you’ll feel so confident both within and outwardly. 

4. It Fits With a White Shirt Too!

You want to rock your lambswool/cashmere cape for work? That’s not an issue! With your white shirt and pants in check, you can throw on this DC Milan Ivory Check Cashmere Cape and a pair of black heels. You can also rock this Edinburg Cashmere Camel Check Lambswool Cape with a white shirt and dark colored pants like army green, coffee brown and so on. 

Just a little tip before we go; matching the major color of your lambswool/cashmere cape with your tops is also a brilliant idea! To get the best Lambswool/cashmere capes, visit Edinburg Cashmere

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