5 Reasons You Should Invest In Cashmere This Year

2020 is well underway and cashmere is one fabric that is already leading the market trend this year! Almost everywhere you look you see women draped in cashmere scarfs, capes, stoles and so many more. Why? Because cashmere is a high-quality material that is ageless both in style and texture!

Cashmere is that fabric that you can always rely on to provide you warmth and comfort all year long. This makes it worth every dollar and more. 

So why should you consider investing in cashmere this year? Let’s delve in below!

  1.  Cashmere will keep you warm all year long

Did you know that cashmere wool is two times warmer than sheep’s wool? Its fibers are gotten yearly from the undercoats of cashmere goats that live in ice-cold temperatures in countries like Mongolia. This makes it a reliable material that can keep you toasty warm all through the winter months. 

A single cashmere cape like the Black Watch Cashmere Cape can provide you the warmth that numerous layers of wool would provide you! So when you invest in one piece of cashmere, you can have go-to apparel for the cold all year long.

2. Cashmere is soft and cozy

The winter months are often so cold that our major priority is to keep warm. Unfortunately, there are so many sweaters and coats made with uncomfortable fabrics that switch the focus from being warm, to also being comfortable. 

Luckily cashmere is one fabric that is warm, soft, and cozy. Quality cashmere like the Black Watch Cashmere Stole is made with the perfect diameter of fiber. This makes it feel precious against the skin. Cashmere also usually has a slightly uneven shape that makes the fiber stick to itself instead of the skin, therefore reducing the risk of itchiness. 

3. Cashmere is lightweight

No one really enjoys winter packing. With all the wool coats and cardigans you have to pack up, you’d probably need more suitcases than you would when parking summer outfits! 

Cashmere, however, is much lighter than wool and most synthetic fabrics. So when you invest in cashmere, you don’t just get a very warm outfit, but also a light, easy-to-pack one! And when you need your sweater for short trips or errands outdoors, it can easily fit into your bag once it gets too warm. 

4. Cashmere is durable

One major reason cashmere is considered an investment is its durability. It has very tough fiber that keeps it strong and wearable for 20 years and more! It also has a classic look and feel to it that keeps it trendy year after year. 

5. Cashmere is luxurious

We all deserve a little bit of luxury from time to time and cashmere is one very luxurious fabric! When worn, it’s cozy and soft and from the outside, it makes you look sophisticated. Cashmere can also be folded easily into a bag and will last for many years. All of these features make it a luxurious fabric that you and your loved ones deserve in winter!

So why don’t you invest in cashmere this New Year and enjoy it for many months, and even years, to come? Buy you and your loved ones cashmere from www.edinburghcashmere.co.uk and enjoy all the luxury the lovely fabric offers!

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