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5 Reasons We Are Obsessed With Lambswool

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Wool is one of the most popular fabrics used in the home. It’s used in making items like clothes, blankets, saddle blankets, and carpets. And wool is so essential that it comes from different sources. Lambswool, however, is one of the best types of wools out there. 
What is Lambswool? Lambswool is super cozy wool gotten from young sheep. It is characteristically soft, slippery and elastic which makes it perfect for making high-grade textiles. Over the years, Lambswool has garnered publicity – and for good reason! So if you haven’t tried out Lambswool yet, here are 5 reasons you should!

1. It’s breathable

One of the best things about Lambswool is that it’s breathable! When worn, it provides enough space for the right amount of air to seep in, and for heat to seep out. So unlike with most synthetic fabrics, you won’t feel stuffy and itchy after a few hours wearing it. 

Apart from clothing, its breathability also makes it great for beddings, blankets, and carpets. When you drape it over your bed it keeps your room warm enough without being stuffy!

2. It absorbs moisture

Lambswool is super absorbent. It can soak up about thirty percent of its weight in liquid and release it in the day time! So if you get too warm in the night and sweat, your sweat will be absorbed and dissipated in the day time. This ability also makes it a perfect choice for socks, carpet, and beddings because even without frequent washing, your wool won’t stay damp or smelly! 

3. It’s versatile

Versatility is another major reason we are obsessed with Lambswool. With Lambswool, the question isn’t ‘what can be made with it?’. Instead, it’s ‘what can’t be made with Lambswool?’ 

As mentioned earlier, Lambswool can be used to make numerous clothing apparel like cardigans, shirts, skirts, pants, socks, gloves, head warmers, scarves, and so many more! It can also be used for beddings, upholstery, saddle blankets, horse blankets, and insulation. Lambswool can also be used to make both thick fabrics and light fabrics, based on which is desired. 

4. It projects colors beautifully

Lambswool can hold a variety of colors and project them beautifully! It can provide lovely monotones like this Black Lambswool Cape or detailed multi-colors like this Anderson Lambswool Scarf. So you don’t have to settle for a specific color type when you desire a variety. 

Also, quality Lambswool holds color for lengthy periods so you can wear Lambswool attires and use it for your interior decors for years! 

5. It is hypoallergenic

Most synthetic fabrics trigger allergies like rashes or itchiness. Lambswool, however, does not! It is soft, even on very sensitive skin types, and does not aggravate health issues like asthma. Its hypoallergenic feature makes it perfect for upholstery because it will accommodate any and everyone visiting your home! To enjoy all the benefits of Lambswool, it is pertinent that you only buy the best. Get your Lambswool from Edinburgh Cashmere to enjoy all of these features mentioned above! 

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